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Main Products List

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Organic Fluorides Products ( Fluorochemicals flowing chart )

  1. Fluoroelastomer gumstocks
  2. Fluoroelastomer precompounds
  3. Fluoroelastomer Compounds
  4. Fluoro Resins
  1. PTFE Aqueous Dispersions
  2. Unhydrous Hydrogen-fluoride,Hydrofluoric Acid  (HF content 40%)
  3. CFC-12,CFC-22
  4. Fluorolubricanting Grease,Fluorolube
  5. Perfluoro Octanoic Acid
  6. F-SYX Cleaning Agent
  7. Fluoride Adhesive,Organic Fluoride Mold Release Agent

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Other Fluorinated chemicals

  1. Hexafluoropropylene ( HFP )
  2. Tetrafluoropropanol) (TFP)
  3. Sulphur Hexafluoride new.gif (789 bytes)
  4. Octafluorocyclobutane
  5. Hexafluoroacetone ( HFA )
  6. 1H, 1H, 3H-Hexafluoro-1-butanol (HFB)
  7. Vinylidene Fluoride (VdF)
  8. Freon 22
  9. 1H,1H,5H-Octafluoropentanol (OFP)

Products of Silicone

  1. Silicone Oils
  2. Methyl-hydrogen Silicone Oil,Phenyl-methyl Silicone Oil,High-vacuum Diffusion Pump Oil,Special Silicone Oil for Cosmetics,Hydroxyl Terminated Silicone Oil,Modified Silicone Oil ( surfactant , .......)

  3. Silicone Oil Compounds
  4. Silicone Grease,Heat-transfer Silicone Grease,silicone Grease for Insulation

  5. Silicone Rubbers
  6. Heat-vulcanized Silicone Rubber (HTV), Two-component Silicone Rubber for Baby Nipple (HTV), Two-component RTV  Silicone  Rubber, One-component RTV Silicone Rubber, One-component RTV Silicone Building  Sealant, Heat- transfer Silicone Rubber,Silicone Gel,Fire-resistant Silicone Rubber, Cellular Silicone Rubber,Two-component RTV  Silicone  Mold-making  Rubber.  

  7. Silicone Resins
  8. Methyl-phenyl Silicone Resin,Transparent Methyl Silicone Resin,GJT Series Silicone Resins.

  9. Silicone Emulsions
  10. Silicone Defoamer,Silicone Mold Release Agent,Silicone Finishing Agent for Textiles,Silicone Anti-sticky Agent for Paper,Silicone Water-repellent Agent for Building

  11. Diphenyl-silanediol,Silazane Treated Silicone Dioxide
  12. Silicone Rubber Compounds (HTV) for Cable, O-ring etc., Silicone Rubber Articles

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 PTFE Articles

Various articles made of PTFE

PTFE Products

  1. Varieties of PTFE Sheets,Plates,Rods,Tubes and Pipes Made in Different Ways
  2. Films (Oriented Film,Half-oriented Film,Non-oriented Film,Color Film)
  3. Filled PTFE Goods for Sealing,Lubricant,Bridge Slides,etc.
  4. Unsintered PTFE Tape,Elastic Rod
  5. PTFE Varnished Glass Fabric and Its Welding Products
  6. PTFE Coated Copper Thin Sheet
  7. Refabricated Articles and Other Fluoro Products
  8. PTFE Products Surface-treated by Naphthalene Agent

Chemical Machine and Equipment

  1. Manufacture of Pressure Vessel of Class A and B
  2. Twin Screw Extruder for plastics mixing and processing
  3. Twin Screw Reactor
  4. Anti-corrosion Chemical Equipment (PTFE Lined Vessel,Pipe,Valve,etc.,and PVC,PE,PP Made Equipment)

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Products of Others

  1. Dimethylamino Ethyl Methacrylate
  2. O-CresolNovolac Epoxy Resin (EOCN)

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