..\image\CG_LOGO_G.gif (5281 bytes) Polymethylhydrogen Silicone Fluid  GY-202
Technical Information
 Latest Update: June 2006

Molecular Formula:

              Si(CH3)3-O-[SiHCH3-O-]n-Si(CH3)3      (CAS NO.63148-57-2)


  • With the existence of the Si-H bonds,GY-202 cross-links easily in the presence of metal salts or catalysts, forming water repellent film on surface of various materials.
  • Mainly used as waterproof agent and softening agent for natural or synthetic fabric, silk, leather and glass fiber, and as waterproof agent and anti-sticking agent of paper.

Typical Properties:


Colorless/light-yellow transparent fluid

Hydrogen content

min. 1.2%

Viscosity  (25oC) 

 max. 50mm2/s

Density  d254


Refractive index  (25)


Acid value (PH)



Storage and Transportation:

  • Store in dry, clean and airtight container with temperature not exceeding 30 degree C.  Avoid contacting with acid, alkali and other impurities. Keep away from fire, sunlight and rain during storage and transportation.
  • Shelf time: 6 months. When exceeding the shelf time, it still can be used if the material is re-tested to be qulified.
  • Transportation: as non-hazardous chemicals.

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